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mate, you on Yubl? that new app?

Uhhh.. what?? confused faceconfused faceconfused faceconfused faceconfused faceconfused face

it’s everywhere at the minute, how have you missed this?!?! Look…

No Stripes
Tap here to vote
Vote now

OMG I’m gonna
get ppl voting
on everything face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye

I know! and if you post an animated sticker to a group chat, it moves on everyone’s phone…

Tap to animate
Give me your popcorn

Whoa! that’s so sick, how HAVE I missed this?! haha

and it’s got 3 different ‘spaces’: Chats…

Your Feed is public posts from whoever you choose to follow…

Pug Life

pugs ARE my life

And in Explore there’s trends, celebs, cool people to follow and all sorts

Count me in
Drink iced coffee

OK downloading it now - I’ll follow you!